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Why buy the Trident P2?
The Trident P2 Level 3 Surgical Disposable Respirator is one of the mainstays of hospital respiratory protection equipment around the world. It is comfortable and effective. The Trident has a very high fit factor and, unlike the 3M Aura, comes in FIVE SIZES. The XS size fits many children and adolescents. You won't find a better disposable N95 respirator. David and Tom fit test well to both Trident and 3M Aura.

Which size Trident P2 should I buy?
If you're not sure, then order one of our trial packs of up to three respirator masks.
You must specify which sizes you want to try in the "Add a note" section on the order page.
(Can include a 3M Aura and/or a Stealth Clarity.)

Free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $300
Up to $40 - shipping $8
$40 to $150 - shipping $12
$150 to $300 - shipping $24


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