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Staying safe and healthy in these weird times is so much more than about simply having the physical means to help you do so - e.g. CO2 monitors, N95 respirator masks, HEPA filters and other clever gizmos.


It’s about understanding the nature of the threats we face and the tools and behaviours available to meet them, and then using that knowledge to help forge a rational path that works for our particular circumstances.

I’d like to say that our global governments are committed to that journey with us, but if you’re reading this then you know that is sadly not the case and, for the moment at least, we’re firmly on our own.


Every week, I share a digest of real world knowledge, basic science and common sense, designed to help you keep yourself and those dear to you safe, while participating to the maximum in the world around you.

I welcome suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered. Email them to or else catch up with me on Twitter at @YouAreLobbyLud.


Stay safe, and remember: breathe your best air.



Subscribe to David's weekly newsletter

Thanks for subscribing!

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