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ReadiMask N95 Resealable Strapless Respirator NIOSH Approved


Complete perimeter seal via a hypoallergenic medical adhesive.

With the ReadiMask NIOSH Approved N95 you'll get state-of-the-art protection with an average filtering efficiency of 99.7%...It's so comfortable you'll be able to work for hours and not notice you're wearing one.

Choose from two sizes - Large and Small

Please note - though approved by NIOSH in the USA, the ReadiMask is not TGA approved in Australia, so it is not suitable for use by healthcare workers in their place of employment over here.

Free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $300

Up to $40 - shipping $8
$40 to $150 - shipping $12
$150 to $300 - shipping $24

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