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HOME or PRO? Which Aranet4 is right for me?

The Aranet4 HOME and PRO are two models of a small, battery powered CO₂ sensor, which also measures temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Depending on the model, HOME or PRO, the sensor will connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app and/or via a radio link to a dedicated base station, alerting you to changes in the air CO₂ level. This allows you to ensure that your indoor air remains of the highest quality. You can download the general Aranet4 User Manual and datasheet here. You can watch a one minute video all about the Aranet4 here

HOME - Ideal for private use or in a small business, from 1 to up to 4 or 5 units. Displays the real time CO2 level on the device, updated up to every minute. Will Bluetooth to the Aranet app, so you can track up to 7 days of readings at a time from your device and/or the Aranet Display app, so you can display it on a screen for your customers to see what excellent air quality you are providing. Buy HOME.

PRO - Ideal for larger installations from 3 up to many hundreds of units in a business, school or other institution. Like the HOME, the PRO displays the real time CO2 level on the device, updated up to every minute. The PRO also has the Bluetooth capability of the HOME, but in addition incorporates a radio link to a base station (up to 2km away), from which the activity of all the linked PRO units can be monitored at once. This information can also be uploaded to the cloud (with extra licence payment) for real-time monitoring, remote from the site. Buy PRO.

Here's a useful little leaflet which summarises the differences between the
HOME and the PRO.

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