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Pairing and calibrating the HOME and PRO

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How do I pair my Aranet4 with my smartphone or iPAD?

It's easy. You pair it like you pair any other Bluetooth device. This one minute video shows you exactly how to do it:

How often do I need to calibrate the Aranet4 HOME and PRO and how do I do it?

If the device goes outside then it will calibrate itself automatically once a week by presuming that its lowest measurement corresponds to the CO₂ level in outside air.


But if it is fixed to a wall and doesn’t go outside, then how often should a HOME or PRO unit be calibrated? This is slightly a “how long is a piece of string” question. Most devices remain consistent for long periods and you don’t want to be calibrating them unnecessarily.


One suggestion would be to log a note of the reading for each unit before installation by placing them all outside: if all are showing similar readings +/-50 ppm in the mid 400s ppm then they are all working correctly. Then log the readings of each of them once they have been placed in the desired location/room, and once that room has been ventilated and the air as fresh as it can be expected. This then gives you a reference level for that space when it is well ventilated. If in the future the readings deviate significantly (>100-150ppm) from the reference level at a time when the space should be well ventilated then there are two options: either the device needs recalibrating or the ventilation has worsened for some reason, such as a failed ventilation unit. 


This two minute video shows you more about recalibration: 

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