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About us

CO₂ Radical was formed in January 2021 by David and Tom Berger to improve air quality around Australasia by providing effective, easy to use and affordable CO₂ monitors for homes, business and organisations. Breathing your best air helps protect you from COVID-19, allergens and other toxic particles and infections. We pledge to donate at least 10% of future profits to healthcare worker-related good causes in perpetuity.


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Chief Operations Officer - Tom Berger
I am a second year medical student at Monash University in Melbourne. I want to practice medicine in a safe environment for me, my colleagues and my patients, and to help others ensure they are breathing their best air, so I am as enthusiastic as the old man who yells at clouds to spread CO₂ monitoring far and wide.

CEO - Dr David Berger
My part-time day job is as a remote GP/Emergency doctor. I've been advocating loudly since March 2020 for improved airborne protections against COVID-19 for healthcare workers. You may have seen me on Twitter as @YouAreLobbyLud, where I'm not that polite when I think my friends are being put in needless danger.
I even started another Twitter account, @CO2Guerrillas, to enable people to publicise poor air quality readings. As a result, I was contacted by SAF Tehnika in Latvia, the manufacturers of the Aranet4, who wanted to know if I could distribute the product in Australasia.
I won’t say, like Victor Kiam, that “I liked the shaver so much I bought the company”, but not far off! This is a fantastic product and I want to see it used far and wide in Australia, New Zealand and beyond, so we can all ensure we are breathing our very best air, not just to protect us from COVID-19, but from other infections and harmful particles which can cause asthma or physical lung damage.

I have founded and run a number of other medical and non-medical companies previously. From 2009-2018 I was a Non-Executive Director of the BMJ Group Ltd in London, the global medical publishing company which publishes the BMJ, many other well known medical journals and BMJ Best Practice, a point of care medical decision aid used throughout Australasian hospitals. 

You can find some of my recent advocacy articles here.

David and Tom enjoy a low CO₂ environment

Retail and Corporate Sales Executive - Alisa King

I have a background as a teacher and have spent the past 25 years working in both publicly funded and private international schools in the UK and Switzerland. I returned home to Australia in July this year and have been a clean air advocate since early in the pandemic. I understand the particular challenges in schools well and love talking to other people who value high quality indoor air. 

Company Details

Aviate Rx Pty Ltd

ABN 19 644 391 328

Registered Office:  Coast2Plateau Accounting Business & Taxation Suite C Level 1 1 144-148 West High Street, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Trading address: 151 Mount Street, Fernmount, NSW 2454

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