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Which 3M Aura respirator mask is right for me?
These are the masks we have all worn (David, Tom, Alisa) throughout the pandemic, both in the community and at work. They are known to have high fit test pass rates, fit all of us well with an excellent seal and are comfortable to wear for extended periods. 

They come in two varieties:

9320A+ masks with BLUE ELASTIC - originally designed for industry.
1870+ masks with 
RED ELASTIC - more splash resistant and specifically designed for healthcare, where they are licensed for use as a surgical mask.

They both use the same N95 material and fit in the same way, giving the same level of protection against airborne diseases, such as COVID.

If you are a GENERAL MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC, 3M only allows us to sell you the 9320A+ masks with BLUE ELASTIC
If you are a HEALTHCARE WORKER (broad definition), we can sell you the 1870+ masks with RED ELASTIC

If you order the red elastic masks, we will contact you to ask for your healthcare worker status. If you can't provide it, we will refund your order and suggest you buy the blue elastic masks instead. 

If you have any questions about the 3M Auras, please phone Alisa King on 0477 802 093, our resident mask nerd. She will tell you more than you ever wanted to know. 

If you want to check out fit and comfort before you buy, then consider purchasing a
3 Mask Trial Pack, which will allow you to compare 3M Aura, Trident and Stealth Clarity respirators.

Free Australia-wide
shipping on all orders over $300
Up to $40 - shipping $8
$40 to $150 - shipping $12
$150 to $300 - shipping $24

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